Our Options

To make your stay even more enjoyable, we offer various options that you can subscribe to when making your reservation.

Bed Linen and Towels

Bed linen and towels are not included in your reservation, as this would significantly increase the cost of stays. We prefer to let our dear travelers choose to bring their own bed linen and towels if they wish, to reduce costs and thus be able to go skiing without too much impact on their budget. Furthermore, we are not a hotel, and we simply rent out apartments.

You have two options:

  • Either you bring your own bed linen and towels (you will of course have the layout of the beds in the apartment, as well as the dimensions of each bed)
  • Or you can rent them from us at the following rates:
    • €11 per set of single bed linen
    • €14 per set of double bed linen
    • €5 for a large towel
    • €8 for a set of towels (1 large and 2 small)

End of Stay Cleaning

At the end of your stay, the apartment must be left in impeccable condition. However, we understand that cleaning may not be your favorite vacation activity. Therefore, we offer to do it for you. The price of the cleaning option depends on the size of your apartment. It is set at €60 for accommodations with less than 10 beds, and €80 for apartments with 10 beds or more.

Please note that even if you subscribe to the cleaning option, you will still need to do the following tasks:

  • Clean the entire kitchen area (this is never included in a cleaning option)
  • Take out the garbage
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Put away clean and dry dishes in their place in the cupboards
  • Replace the duvets (neatly folded) and pillows where you found them upon arrival

Early Check-in and/or Late Check-out

Check-in is from 5pm onwards, and check-out must be before 10am, at the latest. If you wish to enjoy the apartment for a longer period, this is generally possible (subject to availability), and here are the rates:

If you want to arrive earlier:

  • Arrival at 3pm: €40
  • Arrival at 1pm: €60
  • Arrival at 11am: €80

If you want to leave later:

  • Departure at 12pm: €40
  • Departure at 2pm: €60
  • Departure at 4pm: €80

Why this additional charge? This amount covers the costs related to your extended occupation of the apartment, as well as additional costs related to the preparation and maintenance of your accommodation outside of regular hours.

Please note that even if you reserve and pay for an early arrival or late departure, it may happen that on the day itself we cannot meet our commitment. In the mountains, there are often unforeseen events during the ski season or even in summer: snowfall, repairs to be made in an apartment, or other unexpected major issues. In this case, we will of course refund the amount you paid, or the price difference if the apartment could not be occupied at the scheduled time.

If you have a problem storing your luggage during the day because of this delay, we undertake to find a solution for you, and of course this will not cost you anything. Finally, if you end up leaving earlier or arriving later than the scheduled time, there will be no refund for the hours you could not enjoy in your apartment.

How to Subscribe to These Options?

The choice of options you wish to add to your stay is made at the time of payment for your reservation. Simply add the desired options to your cart and pay the total amount.

Some options may not be available for booking at the time of your reservation. In this case, just contact us by email once your reservation is made, and we will arrange it together.