Keep the right reflexes, even on vacation!

Mountain resorts are among the first to be affected by the effects of climate change. In addition to the drop in snowfall, the entire fragile ecosystem of the Hautes Alpes is endangered by the significant changes in temperature.

If we want the small resort of Risoul to be able to prosper for many more years, we must adopt an eco-responsible behavior during our stay in the mountains.

At RisoulSki, we make it a priority to be as respectful of the environment as possible. In recent years, we have undertaken several adaptations to address the current climate challenge at our level.


During this year, we replaced all the frames and redid the joints to obtain maximum isolation in each of our apartments.


  • Each radiator is equipped with a reflective wall which reflects the heat towards the interior of the room. 
  • Our bulbs are 80% energy-efficient LED bulbs.


  • We no longer use protective plastic to wrap sheets and towels ordered from us. We have also chosen to use reusable sheets and household towels. Less aesthetic, but more ecological.
  • We have provided cardboard bags in your apartment to sort your waste. If they are missing, please let us know!

We also recommend during your stay
to adopt the following small gestures:

  • Don't overheat your apartment. If you leave during the day, adapt the thermostat. Overconsumption of energy is responsible for a large part of the carbon emissions generated by ski resorts.
  • Do not leave doors and windows open.
  • Sort your waste! When you throw your waste in the bins located next to your residence, remember to sort your rubbish in the appropriate bins.
  • Choose to take a shower instead of a bath and limit the duration of the water flow. 
  • Going down to the valley? Consider shuttle services and buses which are numerous in season. 

The planet says thank you!