Our humanitarian commitments

When you decide to travel with RisoulSki, you participate directly in the realization of humanitarian projects in Mali or Burkina Faso.

Skiing, a sport that we all love so much, is obviously not the most environmentally friendly activity...
On holiday in a winter sports resort, it is nevertheless possible to reduce your ecological footprint on the region and on our beautiful Earth, for example by adopting a whole series of more eco-responsible practices.
But that's not all, unfortunately...

As a result, RisoulSki, and/or its manager (in a private capacity), have several times wished to act in education and sustainable development, and this by donating part of their profits to a humanitarian NGO active in Mali.

Why these African countries in particular, not really at the gates of the Alps?
First of all, we can obviously act everywhere on our planet if the objective is to preserve this fabulous common good which it is urgent to no longer consider as a commodity but rather as a treasure to be cherished more than anything in the world.
But, in this case, Mali is a choice of the manager's heart, driven by a personal trip to the Pays Dogon region 10 years ago.
Since then, famines, wars and jihadist raids have frequently struck the villages of this part of Mali, populated by increasingly idle people.
Hence this desire to bring our help to the local populations who suffer unjustly.

After the 2021-2022 winter season, RisoulSki donated €10,000 to the Belgian ASBL
'Enfants du Monde'.

With this amount, two projects have been financed in Mali:

1. The construction of a school in the village of Pignari Bara, near Sévaré, in Dogon Country.
This project includes the drilling of a well, the planting of more than 150 trees and the creation of an educational vegetable garden.

2. The provision of urgent humanitarian aid in millet (cereal), rice and oil for two villages near Kaouli, recently devastated by jihadist attacks, and where famine is raging today.

By booking with RisoulSki you are therefore making your small contribution to these projects and those that will follow. And for that, we say thank you!

The organization Enfants du Monde (EDM)

Enfants du Monde is a Belgian non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children in developing countries. The association operates in 14 Third World countries, and finances dozens of various projects (scholarships, construction and renovation of schools, clinics, nurseries, orphanages, homes for disabled children, school supplies , sometimes teachers' salaries, etc.).

All the members of Enfants du Monde are volunteers. The association operates entirely on donations from private donors, including RisoulSki.

1€ paid, it is therefore 1€ sent on site!

If you wish to make a donation or obtain more information on the projects supported by Enfants du Monde, it is here: enfantsdumonde.be

Actions carried out in Mali and Burkina Faso since 2009

RisoulSki is in close contact with Philippe and Manu, whose teams have, since 2009, carried out several projects in Mali and Burkina Faso. Here is a little preview :


- Construction and renovation of schools

École Ibi au pays dogon
école sevare
école sevare
école koutoumel
école tireli au pays dogon

- Well drilling

réalisation de puits à l'école de l'espoir
puits kaouli
puits de l'école de l'espoir Ouga

- Planting and maintenance of trees by schoolchildren to fight against desertification

Association enfants de monde
plantation école
Jardins villageois IBI

- Implementation of a pilot project for the solar drying of mangoes, …

Distribution de mangue à Sevare
sechage des mangues
icone informations
  • These activities are only sustainable if they are done with the active participation of the villagers.
  • Education is the best weapon to fight intolerance and cultural and religious obscurantism. A child who begins his schooling by planting a tree at school will better understand the problem of desertification. The transmission of knowledge goes through the youngest, because adults often remain hermetic to the discourse that goes against their habits.


- Financing of surgical operations for children with NOMA (very serious cleft lip), ...

- Animation of children in refugee camps victims of jihadist attacks

- Supply of food for school canteens

aides alimentaires

- Food aid in these refugee camps



- Attempt to bring together two ethnic groups in conflict in the Dogon Country in Mali: Fulani herders and Dogon farmers.

Hotel de Kaouli
Défilé Kaouli

- Establishment of a dialogue on environmental issues such as desertification or ecology and societal issues such as girls' access to education, the demographic explosion, polygamy, early and forced marriages for pre-adolescent girls , excision, bringing together traditional medicine and modern medicine, equality between men and women, ...

- Attempt to shake up certain habits, for example by encouraging men to help women transport domestic water, so that little girls never have to carry 25-litre cans alone again.

You guessed it: the work to be done on site is still absolutely titanic.

But, thanks to the action of the teams of Philippe and Manu, we can already see some nice little changes in mentalities and practices..

The road remains long, but RisoulSki is determined to continue its commitment to these beautiful projects in the years to come! Want to lend a hand too?